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   New Players

Hello and Welcome! We're so glad you decided to give us a look. We are Aurum; a Live Action RolePlaying (LARP) game set in the world of Sha'uru. We are a Steampunk/Neo-Victorian/Gaslamp Fantasy themed game with costuming and styles lifted from the end of the Industrial revolution (approximately the 1850's) and character species borrowed from classic fantasy (elves, dwarves, etc). Our events are typically located in New Jersey (NJ) and will begin occurring regularly in 2018. The game is a unique blend of parlor and boffer combat larp. We hope to see you at an event or convention module and please feel free to look around the website or Contact Us with any questions!


Getting Started

If you're looking to get involved in the Aurum community, we highly recommend you check out our social media sites: The Official Aurum Facebook Page, The Aurum Facebook Group, Aurum Twitter, Our Blog and sign up for our Forum. These will help you learn more about the characters, players, staff and more!


Accomodations and Accessibility

Should you require accommodations relating to anything- sleeping, sight, dietary, hearing, mental health, etc- please don't hesitate to reach out to us! We want your OOG experience to be as comfortable as possible so you can focus better and more on being in character and having fun. You can send information to us regarding allergies, food preferences, etc here. We also have an optional hard limits form so we can better understand the content you are uncomfortable engaging in. For all other accessibility issues or queries, the best way to get in touch with us to discuss is either through our Contact Us page or email us at accessibility@aurumlarp.com Additionally, se habla Español!


Creating a Character

Creating your character is a fairly easy process, full instructions can be found in the Rulebook. Basically, you choose a race which allots certain boons and in some cases, detriments. You then choose a Class. With 10 XP to start, you choose the skills and abilities you want to start out with from the Class list or General list. Don't forget to think up a name for your new character! Submit this information through the New Character Form or bring this concept to the next event you attend and we can write up a character card for you. After your character is created, you will also be able to choose from some starting equipment and/or in-game currency. You can also submit a character backstory here!


Attending Your First Event

Check out our Event Info page to learn about event dates, locations and driving directions. If you need a ride or want to carpool, please feel free to make a post in our Forum or in the Facebook group.


What to Bring:

Aurum runs weekend long events from March to October and single-day, indoor events the other months of the year. Because of this, it might be confusing to know what to pack and when. Weekend events typically require more packing and planning, so below is a breakdown of what we recommend be brought to all events, regardless of what month it is and then what should be brought to weekend events:

To All Events:
Character costuming, makeup, in-game currency and items/components
Cash (optional- we can take credit cards at event, however there is a transaction fee involved, so we prefer the use of cash when possible. Thank you!)

To Weekend Events:
Sleepwear (pajamas, etc)
Extra socks, extra underwear
Sleeping supplies and toiletries- blankets, pillows, sleeping bag, shampoo, towel, body wash
Your character's weapon(s)
Food and drink (optional- both are sold at event as well)
If you wear contacts or glasses - cases and storage solution as necessary



Once you've set up your sleeping area (if applicable), you'll want to check in. This is typically located in the Pub House (main indoor play area during weekend-long events). This is where you can pay for the event, get your character card, starting equipment and/or get your NPC shift, if applicable. After this is done, you may want to get into your costuming and put on makeup for when game starts.


New Player Training

All new players go through New Player Training (NPT) after Opening Ceremonies. Even if you're a seasoned LARP veteran, we require everyone to attend this at least once to get acquainted with our rules, combat, and world. It will be announced at Opening Ceremonies who to go to for NPT.



First Time Playing a PC - FREE

Full Time NPCing (FTNPC) - FREE

Player Character (Full weekend) - $50 at the door // $45 Pre-Register // $40 if you FTNPC'd last event!

Player Character (One-Day event) - $25 at the door // $20 Pre-Register // $15 if you FTNPC'd last event!

Average Cost for Food and Drink - $20-$30



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