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The Aurum community is a living thing, bringing writers, crafters, and players of all kinds together for a creative, collaborative storytelling experience. Take a moment (or more!) to get to know the staff, players, and community that brings the world of Aurum to life!

Image by Hannah Hutson
Kelvin Ortega
Game Director
Image by Blake Cheek
Chelsea R.
Senior Plot Marshal
Image by Taton Moïse
Shohei O.
Logistics Staff
Image by Dariusz Sankowski
Ruth S.
Logistics Director
Image by Jan Ranft
Evan R.
Plot Marshal
Image by Alex Boyd
Thomas E.
Rules Marshal
Aurum Staff

Josef Paryka

Aaron Cohen

Alexander Barro
Kerwin Ortega
Alex McPeake
Brandon Mickley
Brittany K
Chelsea Russell
David Groveman
Chris Opperman
Adrienne Cohen
Lou Lagonik
Jimmy & Sophia Sakelakos
& the Nocturne Larp community

Michael Filandro
Rebecca Dees
Trish & Duane Copley
Katie B
Kris Zelhof
Robin Moore
Chris Rosario
Liz White
Rich Brown
John & Mindy Klein
Jen Bechtel & Jeramy Merrit

Stephan Tasker
Seth Alcorn
Ysabel Dela Riva
Angela Minton
Beth Phelan
Melissa Debenova
Mike Roberts
Angela Minton
Chris Opperman
Alex Barro
Damian VanHart
Ruth S.
Grant Gaffney
Michele Reznik
Amy Havens
Adam Guenther
Chelsea Russell
Alex Cubi
Mindy Klein
John Klein
Kade B

David Groveman
Ericka Skirpan
Ian Van de Laar
Jimmy Sakelakos
Joey Agabiti
Kris Zelhof
Kyle Schantz-Hilton
Lou Lagonik
Zeke McGee
Sarah Coddington
Spider Perry
Stephen Perry
Sophia Sakelakos
Zack Nemcick
Sabrina Berg
Akiva Smith
Grace Reynolds
Harry Lambrianou
Nina Smith
Dana Kjolner
Ryan Gottlieb

These are some of the conventions, groups, artists, and creators that we have worked with closely and believe to be high quality, positive influences in the community.

Double Exposure Logo.png

Double Exposure

NerdyKeppie Logo.png

Nerdy Keppie

Craft Bird Secrets Logo.png

Crafty Bird Secrets

Nocturne Logo.png

Nocturne LARP

FyreLynkz Logo.png


Special Thanks
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