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The below forms are not required for participation at events, but highly recommended as players feel is needed. While we cannot guarantee every accommodation can be feasibly met, it is our intention to accommodate all players needs to the best of our ability. Completing these forms, though optional, are always appreciated and helpful to our goals of providing fun and safe experiences for everyone in our community.

Dietary Restrictions (select all that apply)

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This form is an optional survey regarding hard limits and/or content that you are not comfortable engaging in from an out of game standpoint. You are under no requirement to disclose any information you do not want to, including 'why' or 'what happened'. This information will be made available only to senior members of Operations Staff, for the sole purpose to ensuring the emotional and physical safety of our community. We ask for this information to better tailor any custom plot we may provide for your character so that we do not unknowingly do harm.

Furthermore, while we will endeavor to make it public if any general plot contains questionable content, we may not be able to divulge all the details of plot lines, may unintentionally miss something, or the scene may go in unintended directions due to player actions that exceed your hard limits. Should any player encounter a scene or module go in a direction that is discomforting, they may at any time 'tap out' from the scene by crossing your fingers over your head without consequence or questioning from plot, staff, or players (regardless if they have submitted this form).

Regardless of form submissions, Aurum LARP will never touch on topics in-game involving harm of any kind to children or non-consensual sexual themes.

Special Thanks: We are grateful to the Cred Bureau and Learn Larp LLC for assisting in the creation of this form.


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Hard Limits
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