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Aetheric Science is the study of Aetheric Forces. Aetheric Forces are unseen to the naked eye and permeate throughout the world of Sha’uru. Like light and heat, Aetheric Forces can shift and change in an environment based on a number of different factors. They can also interact with certain organisms and create Aetheric beings and creatures. Most of these creatures cannot interact outside of their Aetheric fields, but every now and then something happens that can cause these creatures to not only take corporeal form, but become hostile and antagonistic. In ancient times, Aetheric Forces were known as Spirits by Occultists, and a lot of the research in this science was developed by applying the scientific method to the scraps and theories found within the musty tomes of Occult libraries.


Below is an example of the difference between how an Aetheric Scientists views Aetheric Forces and how an Occult Practitioner views the same thing:

Occult Perspective

Scientific Perspective

Concentrated Aetheric Fissure

An area with a high concentration of Aetheric Force that often attracts Aetheric Entities and can influence Aetheric Devices and Crystals.


A site of strong spiritual connection that spirits are often attracted to.

Localized Aetheric Disturbances

Small Aetheric disturbances that are created in areas with a large number of machines, interacting with physical forces in a way that interferes with the proper operation of said machines.


These little jerks are proof that the spirits hate machines.

Malignant Aetheric Entities

This Aetheric Entity that has developed sentience and is actively seeking to form a symbiotic relationship with a physical host, often to the detriment of the host.


Demons are evil and must be banished or destroyed.

Agitated Aetheric Remnants

This is similar to a standard Aetheric Remnant, except that the Aetheric Forces involved in its creation are so great that it can manifest and interact with physical objects in strange ways.


This is an angry spirit that can be very dangerous.

Aetheric Remnants

This is an Aetheric Entity created when a creature expires near a high amount of Aetheric Forces. The creature is imbued with the echo of the living creatures essence, thus mimicking some of the creatures traits.


The spirits of the recently departed.

The Aether

This is the general term for the state in which most Aetheric Forces and Entities Exist.

The Spirit World

This is where spirits live.

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