“Stoneforge and Company is seeking stalwart, clever, and true individuals to staff their latest endeavor: the Antioch Central Aethership Port. The company is currently fielding contract work for staff positions in the departments of Security, Medical Welfare, Engineering, Research & Development, Transportation, and Custodial Services to journey to the newfound continent of Antioch and help establish the first major transcontinental Aethership Port. Contracts range from 1 to 5 years, and include lodging and salary. Inquire at any of our local offices.”

Aurum hosts monthly in-character events at several locations around New Jersey. Players are encouraged to register for events in advance through our website, with options to pay to play as their own personal Player Character (PC), or to volunteer at no cost plus additional thank-you bonuses as a Full-Time Non-Player Character (FTNPC). First-time players always play their first PC event free (a discount which indefinitely carries over if the player chooses to FTNPC until they choose to play a PC).

To purchase bonus XP, additional SDAs, or backbuy events, please visit our online Shop (must be purchased separately from event tickets).

Aurum June 2022
Jun 25, 9:00 AM EDT
  • Event Fees:

    • Full-weekend events: $45 ($50 at the door)

    • One-day events: $20 ($25 at the door)

    • New Players: $0 (first event only)

  • Event fee includes:

    • +2 XP for the registered character​

    • 1 Story Development Action (SDA) for the registered character

    • May play the registered character for the full event (no work shift/NPC duty required!)

  • Event Fee: $25 per additional character

  • Event fee includes:

    • +2 XP for the registered "alt" character(s)​

    • 1 Story Development Action (SDA) for the registered "alt" character(s)

    • May play the registered "alt" character(s) for up to any amount of consecutive time during the event (or not at all if so desired)

Missed an event? Players may "buy back" missed events for a reduced cost to obtain XP for their characters to ensure continued character progression!

  • Backbuy Fees:

    • Full-weekend event: $25

    • One-day event: $15

  • Backbuy purchase includes:​

    • +2 XP for 1 PC (one purchase per character per month, but may purchase for multiple characters for the same month)​

  • NOTE: Backbuy purchases can only be applied to events within the same calendar year of purchase​

  • Event Fee: $0 (FTNPC is always free)

    • Optional purchase of 1 "PC shift"** and 1 SDA for one character: +$10​

      • **​PC Shifts are scheduled at events at the discretion of the Plot Director

    • Optional purchase of SDA only (no PC shift): 50 SP​

  • Event fee includes:

    • +2 XP for the registered character​

    • 500 Service Points (SP)

    • $5 discount to next PC event (does not stack)

    • Ability to purchase SDA for SP

  • Optional Bonus XP: $50​

    • +4 XP for 1 PC

    • May only be purchased once ever​ per character

    • May be applied prior to character creation

  • Optional Additional SDA: $15​

    • May only be purchased once per character​ per event

    • Must be purchased prior to SDA submission deadline to apply to that event's SDA submission period

    • Multiple SDAs for the same character cannot be chained/made conditional to or otherwise be in any form related to each other (however, a character may research two unrelated items concurrently)

  • Food & Drink: Varies, usually no more than $5

    • A limited menu of food is available for purchase at events (see announcements on social media or at events for specifics)

    • Self-serve carafes of water and/or iced tea/lemonade is usually available in the Pub House/main building free of charge

    • Player-donated snacks such as chips/popcorn/veggie platters/etc. may be available free of charge depending on availability/donations provided



56 La Valley Drive, Manalapan Towniship, NJ 07726


Players may not arrive until after 6pm Friday (full-weekend events), or until after 10am (one-day events). Park in the first parking lot to your right when you pass the entrance gate (next to the totem pole) and enter the large building to check in.


Players must be off-site by 11 am Sunday (full-weekend events), or 10 pm (one-day events)


For those with limited mobility, Quail Hill offers ramps to their Main Building.  There is no stair access to NPC/Sleeping areas. Showers are in the basement of the main building, and there is a separate shower house on camp. There is a downstairs area in the main building that we do not intend to use often as there is no access beyond stairs.