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The Goblin Territories


The Goblin Territories, or the nation-state of Pocheoa, is located on the eastern half of Calydon beyond the Grausale Mountains. Its lands are comprised of swamps and deserts, with the low mountain ranges to the east rich in iron, tin and copper, but very little aurum.

The Mayahuel Desert is the largest in the world, located in the center of Pocheoa. At the western edge of the desert, where it meets with the scrub plains of Nama Karoo, is the goblin capital of Gruak’thas. The city is large with very few structures above three stories tall, giving its colloquial name of The Sprawl. The tallest structure is the Mayahuel Desert Spire. The Spire is ancient and was here before the Goblins inhabited the land. The creatures have occupied it and used it as their central alchemical school. No one except goblins are allowed to enter the Spire, and the few who have attempted to break in have not found it easy, or worth it.

Goblin Territories.png
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Goblin Territories Map
System of Government

At one time, Goblins were hunted as monsters by the other races of the world, but as the world became more civilized, they began to trade and form treaties with the humans. Though the human empire was instrumental in securing the world concord that lead to hundreds of years of prosperity for most of the races in the world, goblins were often treated as second-class or mistrusted on principle based on their origins, and the goblins' natural proclivity to selfishness spurred them to take every opportunity to enrich themselves through cunning and double dealing. The largest criminal syndicates in the world are goblin-run, and their skill with alchemy has ensured they are able to remain competitive with the Forged Kingdom. Despite their duplicitous nature, all goblins remain fiercely loyal to the Goblin king, and all attempts at recruiting spies within the goblin monarchy have failed miserably.

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