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We are Aurum, a Steampunk/Gaslamp Fantasy themed game set in the fictional world of Sha'uru designed for players aged 18+.

Steampunk and Gaslamp Fantasy are subgenres of science fiction or science fantasy that incorporates technology and aesthetic designs inspired by 19th-century industrial steam-powered machinery.

The game of Aurum is a unique blend of parlor-style and "boffer" combat Live Action Roleplaying Game (LARP) with costuming and styles lifted from the end of the Industrial Revolution and character species borrowed from classic fantasy – elves, dwarves, and the like. Our events are typically located in New Jersey (NJ) and run monthly.  We hope to see you at an event or convention!


Creating your character is an easy process and full instructions can be found in the Rulebook or using our online Character Creation Guide. You choose a Species and Culture which allots certain boons (and in some cases detriments). You then choose a Class and, with 10 XP to start, select the skills and abilities you want from your chosen Class Skills List or the General Skills List. You then can submit your character through the New Character Form or bring this concept to the next event you attend and we can write up a character card for you. After your character is created, you will also be able to choose from some starting equipment and/or in-game currency.

Additionally, we recommend using the Backstory form to submit your character's history. The Plot team can use this information to make the world more realistic and personal for your character. Our goal is to make players feel like they and their characters have agency and the ability to actively change and shape the world and game, and this submission helps with that goal.

All new players go through New Player Training (NPT) after Opening Ceremonies at their first event. Even if you're a seasoned LARP veteran, we require everyone to attend NPT at least once to get acquainted with our rules, combat, and world.

Additionally, we have created a NPT Slideshow accessible to any player to give an overview of our core rules. We encourage new players (or older players who want a refresher) to take a look!

Getting Started

Aurum typically runs weekend long events year-round, or single-day events hosted based on camp availability or other special events. Because of this, it might be confusing to know what to pack and when. Weekend events typically require more packing and planning, so below is a breakdown of what we recommend be brought to all events, regardless of what month it is and then what should be brought to weekend events.

  • Character Costuming/Makeup

  • Character Props/Physreps

    • Boffer/latex weaponry, Nerf-style blasters, etc.​

  • Toiletries/Personal Sundries

  • Food/Snacks (or cash/credit to purchase at events)

  • Extra clothing/under-layers

    • Socks, undergarments, warm layers, etc.​

  • Sleepwear/Bedding**​

    • Pajamas​, sleeping bag/bed sheets, pillows

**For full-weekend events only

Image by Richard James
What to Bring
Image by Clark Young

Check-In typically takes place with Logistics in the Pub House (usually located in the main indoor play area during events). This is where you can pay for the event, get your character card, starting equipment, and/or sign up for a volunteer NPC shift (if applicable). After this is done, you may want to get into your costuming and put on makeup for when the game starts. For overnight events, you will also be directed to an appropriate area/cabin for setting up tents or claiming a bed for sleeping.

Note: Aurum LARP only permits players who are 18+ years old, so valid proof of identity to verify age may be requested during Check-In.

Check-Out consists of returning your character sheet and any item/component cards your character has to Logistics. We will keep all of this together until your next attended event to make sure they are not lost, accidentally left home, destroyed, etc. If these items are not returned, we cannot update your card with any skills your character learned and we cannot guarantee the items/components will be available for your character.

Prior to checking out, there is no mandatory clean-up required beyond your own personal items and sleeping space, but any assistance in helping to clean the event space is very much appreciated and will be rewarded with Service Points (which can be used to exchange for various benefits for your character).


The Aurum Community is committed to keeping your environment as safe and exciting as possible, to ensure that you obtain maximum enjoyment from our events.

Should you require accommodations relating to anything—personal hard limits, sleeping, sight, dietary, hearing, mental health, or other needs—please don't hesitate to submit to us the Hard Limits and/or the Health & Accommodations forms. We want your out-of-game experience to be as comfortable as possible so you can focus better on being in-character and having fun.  Alternatively, if a direct email is easier or if you have any questions or concerns about accessibility or accommodations at all, you can reach our team at

Additionally, se habla Español!

Image by JJ Jordan
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