Confederacy of Allied Republics: Greisslund

May 2, 2018

The lands of men are governed by the Confederacy of Allied Republics. Today's spotlight is on Greisslund.


Good Afternoon Gentlemen, Ladies and Sentient Creatures,

Today we are going to take yet another look at one of the 13 Republics, Greisslund (pronounced Gro-ice-luund).

Republic Name: Greisslund

Capital City: Ingolstadt

Cities of Note: Aschaffenburg, Rorsenheim

Major Commerce: Metal Refinery, Manufacturing

Minor Commerce: Chemicals, Artifice

Description: Greisslund is located to the west of Chester on the eastern side of the Blackwater sea. It is located on the north shore of the Parma strait and is separated from Chester by a large swath of wild lands. Greisslund has a varied landscape of forests, rivers, mountain ranges and Sorth Sea beaches. It has deep history and is the second oldest of the republics. Ingolstadt, its capital, is home to art and nightlife scenes. Aschaffenburg, it’s second largest city on the north end of the Republic, is home to renowned physicist Dr. Eddard-Ludwig Von Isenbart and the Republic Institute of Physical Sciences. The mountains of Greisslund are very rich in ore and the republic is known for its high quality metal products. The people of Greisslund are known for being very organized and disciplined, which is reflected by how highly bureaucratic the republic is as a whole. Merchants transporting goods into Greisslund often find it more cost effective to bribe local officials rather than to spend the time filling out the various forms and carrying the appropriate permits to do business.


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