Confederacy of Allied Republics: Parma

May 2, 2018

The lands of men are governed by the Confederacy of Allied Republics. Today's spotlight is on Parma.


Good Afternoon Gentlemen, Ladies and Sentient Creatures,

Today we get back on track with the rest of the human republics.  Today we deal with Parma, on the Southeast shores of the Blackwater sea.


Republic Name: Parma

Capital City: Novara

Cities of Note: Catania, Ancona

Major Commerce: Tourism, Trade

Minor Commerce: Law Services, Cuisine


Description:  Parma is located to the south of Greisslund and directly north of the Durish lands, as such, the entire Republic tends to be a cosmopolitan mix of Durish and Human denizens. Parma is unique in that it is the only Republic that does not produce anything as part of its major commerce.  The other republics tend to joke that major export of Parma is bureaucracy, as the proximity to the other major nations of the world have made magistrates, barristers and customs officials a necessary part of everyday life.  The Novaran Archival Repository is the largest record keeping body in all of the Confederacy, as all of the other Republics are required to send copies of their inter-republic and international legal documents  to the Parman capital.  This is so that visiting merchants and nobles from the Nisse and Durish lands can access the public documents without having to travel to the more remote parts of the human lands.  Parma is also known for its top rated restaurants, hotels and inns, as well as opulent seaside resorts.  Its proximity to the border of both the Vrachos and Vuono Dur communities also means that it tends to be a haven for runaway Gnomes, which creates a strange juxtaposition of beautiful marinas who’s piers are also home to vagabonds and runaway Gnomes.  


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