Confederacy of Allied Republics: The Tribes of Barlethan

May 2, 2018

The lands of men are governed by the Confederacy of Allied Republics. Today's spotlight is on The Tribes of Barlethan.


Good Afternoon Gentlemen, Ladies and Sentient Creatures,

Today’s post will wrap up our series on the 13 Republics of the Confederacy of Allied Republics.  The Tribes of Barlethan are unique in that they represent a varied group of I peoples and cultures, rather than a single political state.

Republic Name: Barlethan

Capital City: Barlethan

Tribes of Note: Barlethan, Storm Crow, Sha’uru’s Children

Major Commerce: Agriculture, Lumber

Minor Commerce: Textiles, Mining

Description: Barlethan is the largest republic in overall land mass with parts of it spanning both Lerna and Calydon.  Curiously, despite the fact that most Tribals are very skilled in the arts of Alchemy, none of them seem willing to part with it outside of their own people.  Fortunately the lands of Barlethan are rich in other natural resources that makes them excellent trading partners with the other republics.When the Silverthorn Empire was dissolved and the Confederacy of Allied Republics began to form, the elders of Barlethan recognized a golden opportunity to ensure the protection of their way of life and that of every other tribe in Lerna.  They convinced the rest of the Republics to recognize all of the tribes under a single banner and in return they would pay taxes to the confederacy like any other member Republic.  The following are some of the most famous member tribes:


The largest and most technologically advanced of the tribes.  They are also the most politically powerful and were the architects of having the tribes recognized in parliament.  They are also the most well educated alchemists in all of the Republics. They also bear the most resentment from smaller tribes who are not numerous enough or powerful enough to have a seat at the tribal council of Elders.


Storm Crow

The Storm Crow are known for their affinity to animals and are the best Falconers in all of Sha’Uru.  They are also known for domesticating and training hunting dogs and horses, and are excellent fishermen.  They prefer soft leather garments over cloth and are extremely good at tannery.


Sha’uru’s Children

Whether they took their tribal name from the religion, or were the originators of the religion, it is unclear, but this tribe, above all others holds very strictly to the tenants of the Children of Sha’uru.  They are naturalist and tend to live in the most remote parts of the world.  They are also well known for their horticultural knowledge, especially when it comes to herbs.



Ignar is a mountain tribe comprised of miners and metallurgist (Primarily Blackmiths, but Tinsmiths, Goldsmiths and Coppersmiths are common as well). Of all the tribes they are most likely to have metal beads among their tribal beads.



Clovis live in the fields and plains and are primarily sheppards and herdsmen.  They are especially fond of goats and may still have one or two goats on their farms even if they primarily make a living from raising sheep, pigs or cattle.


Brotherhood of Nahyar

The Brotherhood of Nahyar is an especially combative tribe that is known for raiding neighboring tribes and espousing more militaristic values than the other Tribes of Barlethan.  Many members of this tribe use their 7 year journeys to hire themselves out as mercenaries.


Sisters of the Moon’s Splendor

This tribe is unique from among all of the other tribes of Barlethan in that it is comprised entirely of female-identifying members.  Naturally this makes them the best farmers of the Janus plant in all of Sha’uru, as they use the Potion of Sunrise and Sunset to ensure the continuation of their tribe. The only males that live within their tribal lands are children who are encouraged to take their 7 year journey as soon as they become sixteen years of age.  After their 7 year journey, males who were born to this tribe must make the choice to either marry into another tribe or to rejoin the tribe as a sister through the use of the Potion.


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