March Event 2018

April 30, 2018

Tomorrow will be our first full event and will mark the start of a journey a year and a half in the making. It was a journey filled with support and energy from all of you.

Game News

Good Afternoon Expeditioners!!!

The day has arrived, the final weekly Thursday Post Day, from here on out we will post the Thursday before the event for sure, and any other posts will be ad hoc.  Tomorrow will be our first full event and will mark the start of a journey a year and a half in the making.  It was not a journey made alone, but one filled with support and energy from all of you.  We are excited to finally see where all the hard work has taken us and what you players will do with it.  It is no longer our game, it is everyone’s game, and we can’t wait to play it with you.  But what would Thursday Post Day be without IC material, so let’s get into the preview of our March event:

Stage Point Bravo has had two years of development, and despite setbacks and odd happenings, Stoneforge and Company has declared the site a success.  What was once a rag tag set of large traveling tents surrounded by the expedition wagon train, is now a small town composed of several buildings.  A local river was diverted in order to provide riverboat access to the north shore. An accompanying dock was built so that resupplying can happen more quickly and the Vand Nisse have a halfway point between New Vardo and Anvil’s Fall.  Much like it’s sister city to the west, Anvil’s Fall, Stage Point Bravo will need a name of its own and a local government established.  The alliance of nations has selected a Magister to uphold the Crimson Ravine Accord within Stage Point Bravo until the debate regarding the legality of Antioch is settled.  Stoneforge and Company has decided to celebrate the auspicious occasion with a party in which the very denizens of Stage Point Bravo can select a name for the new settlement.  In order to make its presence known, The Imperial Star Trading Company has volunteered to cater the event with exotic food from across Sha’Uru.

The announcement has attracted many more people who are seeking their fortune to sign up with the expedition and make their way to Stage Point Bravo.  In the days leading up to the celebration, scouting reports have come back of strange flashes of light in the surrounding jungle.  Bandit camps have been rooted out by some of the guards but they suspect that there may be more, biding their time to pick off unwary travelers.  The local wild life seems skittish and the Tenggin Dur have been agitated as of late.  Who knows what’s in store for the expedition over the coming week end.


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