Religion in Sha'uru

April 30, 2018

Today’s lore post will be about religion in Aurum. Most of the world tends to be secular in the current climate, but there are still those who feel a higher calling.

Plot Lore

Greetings Ladies, Gentlemen and Sentient Creatures. 

This Thursday we’re going to veer toward some chewy lore information and talk about religion in the world of Sha’uru. Most of the civilized world is monotheistic, but only a small percentage of those people are true believers. As the world becomes more industrialized, true believers of the faith become more and more rare. However, it is important to have this information for the players that either want to play characters of strong faith, or even just add a small flavor of faith into their roleplay. Below is a summary of the religions in Aurum.

The Temple of the Golden One

Most of the denizes of Sha'uru are monotheistic. 89% of the civilized world worships Hep’a’nen, the one true god, bringer of light, vanquisher of the darkness. His temples and shrines can be found in the lands of Elves, Dwarves and Men throughout Sha’uru. His name is universally known among these races, but his titles vary. The Dwarves have been known to refer to him as the Bright Father, The Scourge of Dragons, The Flame of Hearth and Forge. Many Dwarven homes often keep a single candle or lantern burning through the night as a symbol to his grace. The Elves have been known to refer to him as the Hopebringer, The Bane of Chaos, The Keeper of the Sun and Stars. The Vand Nisse are especially devout to Hep’a’nen. Many Vand Nisse vessels will have a small altar dedicated to Hep’a’nen on board, and tiny seaside shrines can be found on islands across Sha’uru. In the lands of men he has been known to be called The Allfather, The Holy One, and The Herald of the Sun. His symbol is a flaming sword within a golden sun.

The Children of Sha’uru 

There are those who do not follow the teachings of Hep'a'nen. 10% of the world follows a naturalistic religion and call themselves the Children of Sha’uru. The Children have no official churches, as they worship in places of Natural Beauty. The Children are as likely to meet within a tended Grove in the forest as they are a seaside cavern or a remote oasis. They believe that the very earth we live on, Sha’uru, is our mother. She provides for us and nurtures us, and in return it is our duty to respect and protect her. This religion is very popular among the Tribes of Barlethan, though a few Wayfaring Seekers also claim this as their religious affiliation. They have no official symbol of worship. 

The Cult of Rum’at Abi

The cult of Rum’at Abi is illegal in most civilized lands. The Cult worships a dark goddess who espouses deceit and corruption. She is known as the Mother of Horrors, the Queen of Lies, and The Elder Goddess. The few of her worshippers who have been caught alive do not say much of the religion, save their claims that Rum’at Abi is older and more powerful than Hep’a’nen. Their symbol is an onyx dragon encircling the world.


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