The Lands of the Forbund af Nisse

April 30, 2018

The lands of the Nisse are governed by the Forbund af Nisse. Today we'll be going over the map of the Forbund af Nisse.

Plot Lore

Good afternoon, Nisse, Duren, Goblins and Humans of all ages!!

In today’s post we will be expanding the old world map to give people a better idea of the lands of the Nisse.  For those of you who may have missed our previous posts on the subject here is what the continents of Lerna and Calydon look like without any of the political borders.


And here is the map of the Confederacy of Allied Republics (which essentially takes up the entire continent of Lerna).


So now we move to the south west of Calydon to show you the lands of the Nisse.

Some of the cities listed on this map we have not had a chance to talk about (Mostly those of the Afsla Nisse), but to any of you who caught the Vand Nisse or the Slagte Nisse cultural packets, you will note the location of some of the cities listed therein.  Please note, this is not an in game map, there are cities which are listed on here to give the players an idea of where these places are.  Two of the cities listed in the lands of the Slagte Nisse are not public knowledge, even to other Nisse.


Also a little bit more on the Forbund Af Nisse.  This is the overall governing body of the Nisse people as a whole that deals with the other nations of the world.  We covered that in a previous post as well, but Forbund Af Nisse is also a large city state.  Similar to Washington DC or Rome, it is its own sovereign entity within the lands of the NIsse.


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