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The Republic of Blackwater

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Capital City:


Cities of Note:

Gateshead, Salford

Major Commerce:

Minor Commerce:


Chemicals, Fishing


Blackwater is the only Republic that spans the two continents of Lerna and Calydon. The capital city of Newcastle-upon-Blackwater is built on both ends of the Blackwater strait which connects the Blackwater Sea to the Western Ocean. The Greystone Bridge is one of the greatest achievements of ancient Imperial engineering, and it is what has allowed Blackwater to grow rich on tolls both overland and via the sea. All mercantile sea traffic from the west must pass through the Blackwater Sea in order to reach the Eastern Ocean, and goods traveling to the Nisse and Dur settlements via land from the western Republics must also pass through the Greystone Bridge. As the Republic occupies the land directly east and west of the strait for several hundred miles, they have grown rich on the tolls and levies, as well as offering their shipping and ferry services. This has garnered humans from Blackwater a tarnished reputation among the Vand Nisse and Vuono Dur, as well as other humans from Occitaine, Kuanas and the western Barlethan tribal lands.

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