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The Republic of Kuanas

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Capital City:


Cities of Note:

Venta, Salantai

Major Commerce:

Minor Commerce:

Produce (Spices and Herbs), Banking

Fishing, Tourism


Far to the North West lies Kuanas, home to The Golden Temple, the headquarters of the faith of the Holy One. The Golden Temple was designed by Nisse Architects, built by Dur Masons, and maintained by Blackthorn Empire for thousands of years. It is not uncommon for those of the faith to visit the Temple in the Kuanas capital of Skuodas on pilgrimage.

The Kuanas harbor is home the the most pristine waters in all the north, and the wealthy and powerful within the Republics are known to vacation here. The city of Venta in the center of the Kuanas Republic is also home to the Rose Bank, the head branch to the most powerful and influentian financial institution in the Republic.

The common folk of Kuanas are typically employed as servants within the resorts, fishermen or in the spice fields of Venta, growing black pepper, basil and dill. Renowned botanist, Mika Olsow, operates the largest research greenhouse in all of Sha’Uru on the border of Kuanas and the Western Barlethan Wildlands. They are a graduate of the Rose Citadel in Occitane and have published several papers on the efficacy of plants.

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