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The Republic of Zlatoust

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Capital City:


Cities of Note:

Murmansk, Grozny

Major Commerce:

Minor Commerce:

Artifice, Manufacturing (Aetheric)

Mining, Fishing


The denizens of Zlatoust are regarded as the most dour and serious people in the entire Confederacy. The republic was founded by humans who claimed to be descended from first human magi, taught by the Afla Nisse in times immemorial. Discipline, secrecy and calculating logic are cultural traits for the Zlatoustian people, espoused as helping to shape their minds so that they may hone their craft. Even the art, literature and theater of Zlatoust tends to be dark and dour in nature, dealing with themes of death, loss and depression. So it comes as no surprise that Zlatoust has developed a reputation as a home to dark and evil occultists, despite a complete lack of proof. Likely this reputation is born of jealousy; as Zlatoustian hedgemages produce the finest magical artifacts in the Confederacy, second only to the Afsla Nisse themselves. The hedgemages and scientists of Zlatoust are also the best academics of Aetheric Sciences in the world, with the city of Grozny being the largest producer of Aetheric Stabilizers and Aetheric Disruptors. The Groznian Crystal Farms, deep within an expansive series of caverns are one of the few magical places in the old world that still hold some of the wonder and beauty that they did in times immemorial. The Black Spire of Murmasnk on the northern coast is a school of occult learning that models itself as a reflection of the Collegia Hermetica, in fact many of its most famous students end up joining the ranks of the Hermetics. The Arch Magus Dimitri-Donovan Zima has been the governor of Zlatoust for the last 15 years, ruling from the Governor’s Keep in Kurgan. He is one of the few Hermetics that is regularly seen outside of the tower.

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