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The Vuono Dur still see earth and stone as their true home, so they tend to build most of their settlements at the base of mountain ranges or large hills. They are more social than their Vrachos Dur cousins and recognize the need to forge strong alliances with the other species in order to prosper. The strongest merchants in the world are counted among the Vuono Dur, and because of this they believe in strong family ties and personal honor; to impugn upon the honor of a Vuono Dur is to invite their wrath.

Must wear a chest-length, fake beard either dark brown or black in color; the beard must be decorated with jewelry (such as chains, pendants, or beads) which can be in any color and of any metal. Alternatively, a player may substitute the beard for a single braid worn on the left side of the head; the braid must be at least 1" thick, and abide by all other requirements for beards.

  • Trade Contact I (Dur) [-1 XP]

  • Tough I [-1 XP]

  • Grit II [-1 XP on-list; 4 XP off-list]

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