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The Astegos Dur are composed of Dur who have left behind their original communities to settle in human society, either for trade or out of curiosity; for this they are often seen as lesser cousins of their brethren from the Durren nations. Though they still often display traits stereotypical to all Dur and for this are still seen as a cut above humans and elves by their more distinct Durren cousins, the Astegos Dur more often culturally resemble the society of their non-Durren neighbors.

Must wear a chest-length, fake beard of any natural hair color; the beard must be plain and may not be decorated in any manner. Alternatively, a player may substitute the beard for a single braid worn on the left side of the head; the braid must be at least 1" thick, and abide by all other requirements for beards.

  • Trade Contact (Dur) [-1 XP]

  • Tough I [-1 XP]

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