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Known to the Nisse as "Halvdelen Maend" and to the Dur as "Andres Miso", Halflings are the product of Human and Goblin parents. They tend to lead happy-go-lucky lifestyles, enjoying drinking and merrymaking. This is mostly a response to drown away the fact they are considered lesser by both species of their parentage. Humans typically see Halflings as "notably different", relegated to being treated as side-show freaks or cripples. Goblins tend to see them simply as lesser goblins who are only good for working in food service or as messengers, and not much else. Because of this, Halflings tend toward adventuring and being vagabonds in order to seek out better fortunes in the world.

Must have green makeup around the eyes, a fake unibrow, and fake mutton chops (or long curls in front of the ears). Optional: fake fur on feet.

  • Dodge [-1 XP on-list; 3 XP off-list]

  • Trade Contact I (Any) [-1 XP]

  • May choose Literacy: Goblin at character creation

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