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It is common knowledge that Homunculi are created by Goblins and sold as living constructs to other species or kept as servants for Goblin interests. Though the process is kept incredibly secret by the Goblins, Homunculi are created via an alchemical process which fuses dead tissue and blood taken from other species with that of goblins. Nine out of ten Homunculi created have no free will of their own, with barely any personality if at all; the bulk of these are kept by Goblins as subservient automatons. However, around 10% of Homunculi created do have personalities and free-will; these are almost universally sold off to the other species as servants. Because of the variations which result from the nature of their creation, individual Homunculi will show a variation in natural aptitudes and talents; however, in general, Homunculi are seen as constructs which sacrifice raw strength and durability in favor of their ability to perform more complex tasks and cognitive thinking. Homunculi are also inherently genderless (for reproductive organs are unnecessary for their created purpose), though some individuals choose to adopt gender traits on their own.

IMPORTANT NOTES: All PC Homunculi are part of the free-willed 10%; however, as the in-game world considers Homunculi property rather than people, all PC Homunculi must have an in-game "owner" by in-game law. This owner may be either another PC or an NPC (as approved by Plot). Non-Homunculi PCs may purchase multiple Homunculi contracts in-game but may only have contract purchased at character creation. If multiple Homunculi PCs wish to be owned by the same PC, that PC would have to buy all but one of their contracts from an NPC or another PC in-game, a process handled by the Plot Team.

Additionally, Aurum staff recognizes that the ownership of another player's PC can be a very fragile situation. We recommend a lot of communication regarding boundaries and expectation between any players who wish to engage in this sort of roleplay together, either before the characters are created or before the in-game purchase occurs. In-game purchases can only occur if both parties agree to the purchase out-of-game (though in-game roleplay regarding the situation can happen however the parties wish to roleplay it). Homunculi PCs can never be compelled, coerced, or forced by their in-game owner to spend their XP, SDAs, or SP on an out-of-game level in any way they do not wish—PC owners can never take away the agency of the Homunculi player, and in-game roleplay towards such ends can only occur if the Homunculi player enthusiastically consents to it out-of-game. Should a player on either side of the owner/homunculi dynamic later determine they are uncomfortable with the arrangement but do not feel comfortable renegotiating with the other player involved directly, please notify a staff member you are comfortable with ASAP and Aurum will do its best to create an equitable situation for the transfer of ownership as discretely as possible. As this is sensitive information, such a request will only be made to the staff member initially notified and the Game Directors. Please also refer to our Code of Conduct for our zero-tolerance policy against mistreatment of people out-of-game.

Must have all exposed flesh painted with a blended patchwork of skin tones matching the species chosen for the composition of the Homunculi, and with at least 50% being green. Must wear pointed ears of any length, and any hair should match the color (either naturally or through makeup/wigs) that of the chosen Dur component. If Wayfaring Seeker is chosen for the Human component, a partial or full compass rose "tattoo" must be visible on the player. If choosing a tattooed subspecies of Nisse, parts of the player's non-green patches should have markings appropriate to the chosen Nisse subspecies.

  • Dodge [-1 XP on-list; 3 XP off-list]

  • Trade Contact I (Any) [-1 XP]

  • May choose Literacy: Goblin at character creation

  • Additionally, choose one boon each from a Human, Dur, and Nisse subspecies; the character is not required to purchase these boons at character creation, but standard boon rules apply and the choices made may determine additional costuming requirements (see above)

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