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Known to the Nisse as "Snavset Nisse", and to the Dur as "Vromikos Xotica", Kobolds are the offspring of Nisse and Goblin parents. Nisse see Kobolds with pity, for they are potentially "corrupted", but at least are still in part elves. Regardless, Kobolds are considered to be unclean or otherwise "undesirables” and are typically in the lowest of castes as indentured servants or menial laborers. If found in human cities, it is typically because they have run away or are representatives of a Nisse family who has indentured them into servitude.

Must have green makeup around the eyes. Must wear pointed ears of any length, with either a septum ring with a charm attached or a series of linked chain earrings on one or both ears.

  • Dodge [-1 XP on-list; 3 XP off-list]

  • Trade Contact I (Any) [-1 XP]

  • Hide [-1 XP on-list; 2 XP off-list]

  • Find/Set Traps [-1 XP on-list; 2 XP off-list]

  • Blind [-1 XP on-list; 3 XP off-list]

  • May choose Literacy: Goblin at character creation

  • Cannot ever take Nisse as a Trade Contact

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