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The Tribes of Barlethan are a curiosity, as they were a political movement that began in the smallest of the 13 Republics, Barlethan, at the start of the discovery of Aurum and the development of Durren steam technology and Aetheric Science. They are a deeply spiritual people, but unlike most of their brethren, they follow a sort of naturalistic view of the world. The Tribals began to go into the secluded places of the world and set up communities who revered the natural world and proscribed the use of steam technology. Today, all of the tribes are collectively represented within the Confederacy by a council in Barlethan that acts as their Governor. This Council selects the Parliamentary Representatives that speak for the Tribal nations as a whole.

Lots of beaded accoutrements, such as necklaces or in the hair, which much be easy to see and kept over the top layer of clothing. All of the beads should be uniform in pattern/color order, as this denotes the specific tribe; as such, multiple players choosing to play characters from the same family must use the same bead pattern.

  • Natural Science Practice II [-1 XP on-list; 3 XP off-list]

  • Alchemy II [-1 XP on-list; 3 XP off-list]

  • May choose Literacy: Goblin at character creation

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