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The Vrachos Dur claim to be the oldest of Dur. They are of the opinion that the other Dur made a grave error by leaving behind their sacred duty to care for the deep places in the earth, and by interacting with the world above on a regular basis they became corrupted by other cultures, leaving the Vrachos as the only true Durren culture—if you ask a Vrachos Dur, of course. The rest of the Dur tend to see them as stuffed-shirt traditionalists who are generally too frightened of the world above to leave it. There are few among them that choose the life of adventurers; though there are those who do leave, whether for personal gain or through the behest of a patron who requires an agent in the world above. The Vrachos Dur maintain the largest trade in plants and fungi which only grown deep beneath the surface, commodities which are greatly sought out by poison-makers and alchemists.

All exposed skin must be painted a light grey color with a stone-like texture. Must wear a chest-length, fake beard either white, light silver, or a natural red in color; the beard must be plain and may not be decorated in any manner. Alternatively, a player may substitute the beard for a single braid worn on the left side of the head; the braid must be at least 1" thick, and abide by all other requirements for beards.

  • Trade Contact I (Dur) [-1 XP]

  • Tough I [-1 XP]

  • Blind Fighting [-1 XP on-list; 2 XP off-list]

  • Tracking [-1 XP on-list; 1 XP off-list]

  • Poisons II [-1 XP on-list; 3 XP off-list]

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