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The Wayfaring Seekers were once a small group of humans who believed that out in the world there existed a great artifact of magical power, the Heart of Sha'uru. They believed this legendary device had the power to restore the waning magic of the world, and so many of them decided to wander the world and seek it out. In their travels, the Wayfarers convinced like-minded people to join them, and eventually they became a culture unto themselves. Within a few generations, the diehard seekers who still searched for the Heart of Sha'uru became fewer in number, as no trace of the artifact had yet been uncovered, but the families of Wayfarers continued their way of life. Wayfaring Seekers are known as resourceful traders who are friendly and jovial, though a few bad eggs have given some the impression that they tend to be vagrants and thieves.

Comfortable and worn clothing suited for travel, typically with a patchwork, ruffled, layers, or makeshift look. A compass rose "tattoo" must be drawn on a consistently exposed/visible body part (such as the face, or the back of a hand). The tattoo must be easily visible, larger than a half-dollar coin, and may be drawn in any color except green; the design can be as plain or as intricate as the player chooses, so long as the design is recognizable as a compass rose.

  • Natural Science Practice II [-1 XP on-list; 3 XP off-list]

  • Any single purchase of a Rank II Trade Contact (or Underground Trade Contract, if available to character's class) [-1 XP]

  • May choose Literacy: Goblin at character creation

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