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The game of Aurum is a deep, lore-rich setting taking place on a world called Sha'uru: a place of dying magic and budding technology populated by a variety of unique cultures and species each with a history of their own to portray or explore. While much of the future of Sha'uru will be influenced by the characters players bring to life, there is a wealth of lore, culture, and history which has shaped the present.

Players are welcome to come into game knowing as much or as little about the world of Sha'uru as they wish, and are encouraged to utilize these pages as a resource for creating character backstories, and inspiring interesting roleplay and nuance for their characters at events.

Click the links below to learn more about the geography, culture, and lifestyles of the denizens of Sha'uru:

General Setting

The world of Sha'uru was once like many typical fantasy realms. The species you commonly associate with fantasy—humans, elves, dwarves, goblins, orcs—existed semi-independently in their own homelands, utilizing medieval technology and dying magical arts to go about their lives. All of that changed when the dwarves—the Dur—discovered the mineral colloquially known as Aurum. Initially used to craft explosive devices, it was soon discovered that it could also be burned as a fuel source. Eventually, the first Aurm-fueled steam-powered machines were invented. Though much cruder than contemporary steam-powered technology, this laid the groundwork for the rise of a merchant class among the Durren clans and pushed the world from one that relied on magic to one that relied on technology and machines. At around the same time, the Afsla Nisse—the elven culture most steeped in magic—noticed that the magical leylines around the world were in terrible flux. Without knowing the cause of this change, the Nisse established a world-wide network of arcane schools to better monitor and document this phenomenon (and, unknown to outsiders, a means to amass ancient relics and solidify their waning status in an increasingly magic-less world).

In the present day, we are at a time most of the monstrous species of fantasy—orcs, ogres, trolls, dragons—have been hunted to near-extinction; of these, only the Goblins survived due to their shrewd business acumen and relationship with the Human governments. The Durren clans no longer exist in their original fashion and are now the Durren Corporate Interests: merchant households that wield the power formerly held by nobility but is now controlled through mercantile prowess. The Nisse continue to cling to their ancient cultures and ways, even as their numbers and power dwindle. Humans proliferated throughout the world and traded freely between the Dur, Nisse, and Goblins. Increased technology lead to greater demand for Aurum, but as fruitful mines became harder to find, the Durren trading companies began sending expeditions into the wilderness to tract new sources.

In the in-game year of 1863, one exploratory mission took a wrong turn and found the westernmost shore of an undiscovered continent to the south of the Old World continents. The first to land there called it Antioch, after an ancient city that was a favorite subject of a scholar aboard the discovering vessel. The Durren Trading Companies and the Goblin Syndicates quickly mobilized to capitalize on this new source of Aurum and to expand into this new frontier.

"Old World" Continents Map

Old World Map.png
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Old World Map

Story Enhancement Templates (or “SETs”) are unique character “upgrades” which take the form of drastic in-game alterations to a character’s physical appearance, abilities, and even personality. The degree of change can vary depending on which Template a character takes on—however, once a character has purchased a SET, they may never purchase another for that character.


A character of any Class and Species combination can choose any Story Enhancement Template they desire so long as they have the SP to purchase it, and there are no specific skill prerequisites needed for any SET. SETs are acquired through a combination of two things: in-game roleplay, and spending Service Points/RP Chits. The player is then required to costume and roleplay their SET appropriately according to the flavor and requirements listed in the SET description.


Additionally, each Template is broken into two tiers of costuming intensity:

  • Basic Level—This tier requires the minimal costuming and/or roleplay requirements of the SET and players are granted the standard skills/abilities for their chosen SET once the SET has been acquired in-game.

  • Signature Level—This tier requires advanced costuming and/or roleplay appropriate for the SET and is only awarded at staff discretion. In return, Signature Level characters receive additional skills/benefits from their chosen SET.


The full description of a Story Enhancement Template is only revealed upon purchase of the SET. To enquire about purchase costs and other requirements about SETs, contact a member of the senior plot staff. However, a brief overview of each currently SET is listed below:


“Reality is a prison, and Will is a door. And the thing you need to remember about doors...(chuckles)...the thing about doors is that once they're opened, things can pass through in BOTH directions.”

Compound U

“Who, me? Me?... No, you got the wrong lady, friend. Why would you want to talk to HER? Why? Sure, we look alike, but you're SO much better off, darling, now that I'M. HERE. She'll be back later, the poor dull thing.... and really, wouldn't you rather spend time with me, anyway?” (laughs)

Oracular Host

“Be still. Marshal your emotions, and then perhaps you might catch a glimpse -just a glimpse- of the world that's waiting to become. Listen, watch, and be still. The future is at once a babe waiting to be born, and a crone full of wisdom.”

Product of Science

“I'm still me. Just...better. And the best thing about the new me...It's going to take a lot more than that to stop me.” (Grinding noises from under the skin. Wounds knit closed in a matter of seconds.)


“The dead do not always remain in their graves. Mostly, this is a terrible thing. But sometimes, hope is kindled beyond death's door.... Get up! Get on your feet!”

Story Enhancement Templates
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