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Capital City: Barlethan Proper

Major Tribes of Note: Barlethan, Storm Crow, Sha'uru's Children

Major Commerce: Agriculture, Lumber

Minor Commerce: Textiles, Mining


Barlethan is the largest republic in overall land mass with parts of it spanning both Lerna and Calydon. Curiously, despite the fact that most Tribals are very skilled in the arts of Alchemy, none of them seem willing to part with it outside of their own people. Fortunately the lands of Barlethan are rich in other natural resources that makes them excellent trading partners with the other republics. When the Silverthorn Empire was dissolved and the Confederacy of Allied Republics began to form, the elders of Barlethan recognized a golden opportunity to ensure the protection of their way of life and that of every other tribe in Lerna. They convinced the rest of the Republics to recognize all of the tribes under a single banner and in return they would pay taxes to the Confederacy like any other member Republic.

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