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  Engineers, Entrepreneurs, Explorers, Hedgemages, Mercenaries, Scientists

“Stoneforge and Company is seeking stalwart, clever and true women and men to staff their latest endeavor, the Antioch Central Aethership Port. The company is currently fielding contract work for staff positions in the departments of Security, Medical Welfare, Engineering, Research & Development, Transportation, and Custodial Services to journey to the newfound continent of Antioch and help establish the first major transcontinental Aethership Port. Contracts range from 1 to 5 years, and include lodging and salary. Inquire at any of our local offices.”

Aurum is a Gaslight Fantasy, "Steampunk" themed combat (boffer) LARP located in New Jersey (NJ) centered around exploration, discovery and teamwork. Join as a freelance worker, or come in as a subcontracted company, to help establish the framework of civilization in the wilderness of Antioch during the spring, summer and fall. Or come and enjoy gatherings in the old world during the winter months, where science fairs, holiday balls, and other events could help you establish connections and/or give you the edge you need to thrive and survive in Antioch.

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Event Dates 2018:

March 2-4;
Camp Oakspring

April 13-15;
Quail Hill

May 25-27;
Camp Warren

June - TBD

July 13-15;
Quail Hill

August 10-12;
Quail Hill

September 14-16;
Camp Warren

October 5-7;
Camp Warren

November - TBD
December - TBD


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