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Welcome to the World of
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Aurum LARP takes place in the fantasy world of Sha'uru, a world brought forward to the industrial revolution where a startling new continent called Antioch has been discovered. The eyes of the major powers turn toward Antioch and competition to control the resources of the new world is fierce! You, the heroes, are hired by one of these powers to assist in exploring the frontier, claiming lands and making discoveries, and writing your destiny in this Age of Discovery!

Expeditioners Wanted

Once a month, join us as a freelance worker or come in as a subcontracted company to help establish the framework of civilization in the wilderness of Antioch during the spring, summer, and fall. Or come and enjoy gatherings in the old world during the winter months, where science fairs, holiday balls, and other events could help you establish connections and give you the edge you need to thrive in Antioch...

Aurum LARP is a live action roleplaying game located in New Jersey, open to all players age 18 and up. Your first event is free to play. We will show you how to play the game and happily welcome you into our open and friendly community!

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